Immigration: Naturalized Citizens vs. Green Card Holders

Immigration: Naturalized Citizens vs. Green Card Holders

Immigration has a lot of ins and outs that can get confusing and hard to understand. That’s why we specialize in immigration law. In this blog we will help clarify the difference between a naturalized citizen and a green card holder. We will include the ways each type of resident could be deported.

What is a citizen?

A citizen is someone that is considered to be a person born in the country or has become naturalized. Also, to be deemed a citizen you must be acknowledged by the United States government. To be naturalized means that the united states government has recognized you as a citizen. There is also a process which is the opposite of naturalization, called denaturalization. Denaturalization is when the government revokes your citizenship, and you can be deported.

What is a green card holder?

A green card is a permit allowing a person to work and live in the United Sates. A green card does not mean that you’re a citizen. A green card is a temporary permit that needs to be followed, with attention to detail. To make sure nothing happens like this happens you’ll have to know the renewal dates. Also, which jobs that qualify to keep the green card valid.

What does it take to get deported?

To get deported means that one is being removed, from the country. Deportation can be caused by many different things, based on if you are a naturalized citizen or if you are a green card holder. A citizen is different than a green card holder for many different reasons and one of those reasons being that it is hard to get deported when you are a naturalized citizen.

Naturalized Citizen Deportation

The reasons a naturalized citizen can get deported for are much harder to be found guilty of than those of a green card holder. The reasons a person can be deported, are not so normal situations and they include:

 Falsification or concealment of relevant facts

 Refusal to testify before congress

 Membership in submissive groups

 Dishonorable discharge

These four items are things that naturalized citizens should stay away from if they want to remain in the United States.

Green Card Holder Deportation

The list of things that can get green card holders deported is a lot more extensive than the naturalized citizen list because they do not hold the same rights. Green card holders are only here on a permit that allows them to work and live. Some of the things that one can get deported for are:

 Violation of immigration laws

 Expired green card

 Not telling United States Citizen and Immigration Services of address change

 Alien smuggling

 Document fraud

 Domestic violence

 Crimes of “moral turpitude”

 Drug or controlled substance offenses

 Firearms trafficking







 Other aggravated felonies

We are a Reno law firm that has specialized in multiple areas of the law, including immigration law. With any deportation, it must first go to an immigration judge to decide if it was worth deporting the person. Just like any other court, you’ll need a lawyer to defend your rights. If you have any further questions or concerns that you would like to be answered, feel free to reach out to us. We are experts in immigration law and are here to help.