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Have you found yourself in the complex situation of a DUI arrest in Reno, Nevada and need a DUI defense Attorney? The legal landscape can appear daunting and intricate, especially when facing the consequences of a DUI charge. At Joey Gilbert Law, we recognize the stress and uncertainty that come with such charges, That’s why our focus is on delivering exceptional legal assistance tailored to a broad spectrum of DUI scenarios.

With decades of combined experience our attorneys have proven they will fight for you no matter what it takes.

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Our expertise encompasses a variety of DUI cases, from navigating the intricacies of a first-time DUI to addressing the significant repercussions of a Felony DUI. We are also adept at handling Multiple DUI offenses and the unique challenges presented by Underage DUI cases.

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As well as the critical steps following a DUI arrest, including:

“The best part about Joey Gilbert Law is they are extremely proactive. They told me exactly what I should do to help my case and I set out to do those things. The best advice I can give to you when you hire Joey is to listen and do everything he says, this guy knows what he is talking about!”
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Understanding the penalties associated with DUI charges is paramount. Our objective extends beyond legal representation; we strive to provide a clear path to resolution and clarity. Each segment of our website caters to these specific DUI categories, offering in-depth information and seamless navigation to resources pertinent to your case. Allow Joey Gilbert Law to steer you through this challenging period with unparalleled expertise and compassionate care.
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DUI Charges in Nevada: What You Need to Know

Nevada law makes it a crime to drive under the influence. As defined by state law, you can be charged with your first offense if you have never previously been convicted of DUI, or if any previous DUI conviction you have was beyond the 7-year lookback period. If any of the following applies, law enforcement can arrest you, and prosecutors can charge you with a criminal offense:
  • Driving with a blood alcohol (BAC) level of .08 or greater;
  • A law enforcement officer believes your ability to drive is impaired even if your BAC is not .08 (per se laws);
  • Driving under the influence of marijuana;
  • Driving under the influence of drugs (i.e. prescription drugs, controlled substance narcotics, or OTC medications);
  • Driving under the influence of a combination or alcohol and drugs
Once charged with a first-time DUI, defendants face serious penalties and consequences that can have a far-reaching impact on their freedom, future, finances, and employment. This is especially true if any aggravating circumstances are involved, such as:
  • High BAC levels
  • Drug crimes or drug possession
  • DUIs resulting in accidents, injury, or death
  • DUI with a child passenger
  • Driving on a suspended license
  • Open containers
  • Chemical test refusal
While these aggravating factors can result in penalty enhancements, Nevada guidelines for a standard misdemeanor first-time DUI that did not result in injury or death still impose severe penalties. These generally include:
  • Up to $1,000 in fines, plus additional court fees
  • Mandatory completion of a DUI education program, paid for at your own expense
  • Mandatory attendance at a Victim Impact Panel
  • Between 2 days to 6 months imprisonment, or up to 96 hours of community service
  • Driver’s license suspension
While these penalties can make any individual fear for their future, there are viable defense strategies that can be used to exonerate you of the charges you face, or succeed in obtaining reduced charges and penalties. Because every case is unique, the defenses available in your case will depend on the facts involved. Examples of common defense strategies include:
  • Challenging reasonable suspicion and probable cause in relation to law enforcement stopping, searching, and arresting you under suspicion of DUI
  • Challenging the accuracy and results of field sobriety tests and breath, blood, or urine tests
  • Rising blood alcohol, which can result in a higher BAC reading at the time of a DUI stop
  • Rising blood alcohol, which can result in a higher BAC reading at the time of a DUI stop
  • Plea bargaining for reduced charges and penalties (including pleading down to reckless driving)

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At Joey Gilbert Law, our Reno DUI attorneys are passionate about protecting the rights of clients charged with DUI, during both their criminal proceedings and administrative hearings with the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). We know DUI cases – even first-time offenses – put a lot on the line, and we are committed to guiding clients step-by-step through the process and fighting for the best possible resolution.

Joey Gilbert Law has been recognized for our unrelenting aggressiveness and experience when defending the rights and futures of clients charged with DUI and many other types of crimes in the state of Nevada. At times as difficult and daunting as these, having proven advocates fighting for you can make a real difference in how you navigate the criminal process and administrative DMV hearings you face. Because time is of the essence and critical to starting your defense, you should not delay in reaching out for the support and representation you need.

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