Winter Workplace Accidents & Workers’ Compensation Claims in Reno, NV

The holiday season in Reno paints a beautiful picture, but winter’s frosty grip also increases the risk of workplace slips and falls. If you find yourself injured on the job due to snow, ice, or other winter hazards, understanding your rights under Nevada’s workers’ compensation system is crucial. Here at Joey Gilbert Law, we guide injured workers through this process, ensuring they receive the support they deserve.

When Winter Hazards Cause Work Injuries:

Icy walkways, uncleared parking lots, and even tracked-in snow can become unexpected dangers in the workplace. If these hazards contribute to a fall and subsequent injury, you might be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, which can cover:

  • Medical expenses: Doctor visits, surgeries, physical therapy, and medication associated with your work-related injury.
  • Lost wages: Compensation for time missed from work due to your injury.
  • Disability benefits: Ongoing payments if your injury results in permanent impairment impacting your ability to work.

Navigating the Workers’ Compensation Process:

  • Report the accident immediately: Inform your supervisor about the fall and your injuries as soon as possible. Get a written incident report and keep a copy for your records.
  • Seek medical attention: Don’t delay – see a doctor for a diagnosis and treatment plan. Provide all medical records to your employer and insurer.
  • File a workers’ compensation claim: Contact your employer or their insurance company to understand the specific claims process. An attorney can guide you through this and ensure your claim is filed correctly.
  • Gather evidence: Take photos of the accident scene, document witness accounts, and keep copies of any relevant documentation.
  • Understand your rights: Don’t sign any agreements or accept settlements without fully comprehending their implications. An attorney can advise you on your legal options and advocate for fair compensation.

Employer Responsibilities in Winter:

Employers have a legal obligation to provide a safe work environment, including during winter months. This includes:

  • Regularly clearing snow and ice from walkways, parking lots, and building entrances.
  • Using salt, sand, or other de-icing methods to prevent dangerous slippery surfaces.
  • Providing appropriate footwear for employees who work outdoors.
  • Addressing any reported hazards promptly.


  • If your employer denies your workers’ compensation claim or you disagree with the offered benefits, you have the right to appeal the decision.
  • Consulting a qualified attorney like Joey Gilbert Law can significantly improve your chances of securing fair compensation and navigating the legal complexities involved.

Winter shouldn’t mean increased risks at work. By understanding your rights under workers’ compensation law and seeking experienced legal guidance if needed, you can focus on healing and getting back to your life after a workplace injury.