New DUI Laws in Nevada

Are you consistently late for work? Afraid of freezing in your car before it has a chance to warm up? Looking for ways to make things easier on yourself? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you will not be a fan of the new DUI law that just went into effect as of October 1st. The new law regarding DUI’s in Nevada, will require every single driver who is charged with driving under the influence to install an ignition interlock breathalyzer in their vehicle.

If you are not familiar, the interlock breathalyzer is a specialized device that attaches to the computer system of any vehicle and will not allow the user to start the car until the driver has successfully blown a 0.00 for blood alcohol content into the device. Unfortunately, you cannot have a single drop of alcohol in your body. Sometimes, even when the driver is completely sober, the device takes a few times to register the correct number. This can be annoying, plus having to blow into a breathalyzer every time you start your car is kind of humiliating.

So, how do you avoid this annoying addition to your morning commute?

The easiest way is to avoid driving any time you consume alcohol. But, if you are charged with a DUI, the team at Joey Gilbert Law can help fight your case and possibly avoid conviction. While every driver will be required to use the device for 90 days following an arrest, only those charged with a DUI will have to keep the device for an additional 6 months. Previously, only those convicted of a DUI and who had a BAC of .18 or higher was required to install one of these breathalyzers. While some may see this requirement as a form of punishment, the intent of law enforcement agencies is to prevent unwanted accidents or deaths caused by driving under the influence. In the words of Debbie Zelinski, a program coordinator for Mother’s Against Drunk Driving, “The new law will save lives by stopping first offenders from becoming repeat offenders.”

While this new law may be aggravating for offenders, it is a huge step forward for vehicle safety. Nevada was one of 30 states to implement this new law and hopes to make a serious impact on the number of DUI related fatalities in the country.

Have you been arrested for a DUI?

Do not hesitate to contact Joey Gilbert Law, where we can assist you in navigating all the laws, both new and old, related to DUI’s. We are experts at this segment of the law and can help you get back behind the wheel as quickly and easily as possible. Our team at Joey Gilbert Law wants to remind you that safety should be your number one priority. Protect yourself and others and avoid a DUI by taking steps ahead of a night out. Plan for a sober ride, call a taxi, Lyft or Uber, or stay the night at the location where you plan to celebrate. Above all else, be smart.