Keep Your Eyes On the Road

It is estimated that about 96% of Americans own smartphones, and about 222 million Americans have a driver’s licenses. When viewed together, these facts lead to a staggering realization: there are a lot of drivers on the road with endless temptation for distraction.

The issue became so prevalent that it sparked the need for action in many states. In Nevada, “Joining Forces” was created to bring law enforcement agencies together and work towards remedying the problem.

According to NRS 484B.165, “Texting, accessing the internet and hand-held cell phone use while driving is illegal in Nevada.” Unfortunately, many things are illegal, including what many people do: speeding. That being said, it is a reality that people often disregard the importance of this law and are continuing to check emails and texts, or even something as simple as changing a song, but all of these are distractions that can cost a life.

The risks do not end at using a mobile device while driving. Risks also include talking to passengers, reading, eating, drinking, or engaging in various grooming activities. If you are caught driving while distracted, you will receive a fine that will compound if more offenses occur in the future.

The biggest repercussions, as in most crashes, are on the victim. A victim of an accident caused by distracted driving may suffer from severe injuries or worse.

If you are ever injured by a distracted driver, it is very important that you contact an experienced attorney right away.

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