Drug Crimes are One of The Most Common Crimes in Reno

Wherever you are located in the Reno area, crime rates is a factor worth considering. Reno is recognized as the biggest little city in the world and an awesome place to live and visit. That said, it behooves us all to be wary of crime and understand how it relates to our community.

Crime often times goes hand and hand with drugs – which is why drug crime tops many of the crime statistic lists in Reno. Because recreational cannabis was legalized in 2017, marijuana consumption and possession presents a unique set of modern laws pertaining to this newly legislated substance.  Because this legislation is so new, many of laws outlining the use of canibis are written in a confusing fashion and can be difficult to follow to the letter of the law.  This drives up the drug crime statistics here in Reno.

Canibis use and the laws that pertain to it, also inflates DUI statistics in the area.  When people hear the term DUI, they often immediately jump to the conclusion that the substance the person is under the influence of – is alcohol.  This is not always the case. Since marijuana is still a mind-altering substance, it would fall under the category of a DUI if someone was found to be driving while they had the drug in their system. Have you ever heard the term “Marijuana DUI?” This is what happens when someone is pulled over for imparied driving and a subsequent blood test shows marijuana in their system.

Getting a DUI can be a life-changing event (for the worse; obviously) and with canibis being legal in Reno, many people may not think about the impact of getting pulled over and tested for this substance.  Marijuana can stay in your system for many days after consumption; meaning that you could potentially face a marijuana DUI days after initial consumption.  Everyone is used to the idea that an officer can accurately determine the level of driving imparment as it coorisponds to the amount of alcohol in one’s blood system.  This is largely accurate with alcohol which is what makes marijuana DUIs so different.

Because of how marijuana lingers in the blood, even when you take precautions to not drive imparied, DUI incidents can still happen. If you have specific concerns, consulting with a lawyer can help you avoid preventable crimes. Joey Gilbert Law has a variety of attorneys that handle traditional DUI cases and marijuana DUIs.

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