Celebrating Halloween Responsibly

October in Reno means one thing: Halloween pub crawls and parties! When attended responsibly, these seasonal events are a great source of entertainment and fun, filled with thrills and chills. But nobody wants to deal with legal mishaps on these nights. Halloween themed crawls or parties can get you into a number of legal issues, which can turn your Halloween into a true nightmare. With the large amounts of alcohol being consumed, things can get out of hand very quickly at these types of gatherings. Maybe you think you can drive home after drinking more than a few of those hard ciders? Maybe a fight was picked between you and another bar patron over whose costume is better? Maybe you brought more than just beer to the party? If you find yourself charged with a DUI, assault, or drug possession, we at Joey Gilbert Law are here to defend you!

According to national DUI conviction and prevention statistics, Nevada is one of the top 20 strictest states for drunk driving. In 2010, over 25% of traffic fatalities in Nevada involved alcohol. Given our state’s harsh history towards these types of cases, we strongly advise you to seek out our help in fighting a DUI case. If you happen to find yourself in that situation after having too many spooky spirits during this Halloween season, we’re here to help you.

If you’re at a bar or a party sometime this October, you may find yourself surrounded by overly-animated and boisterous individuals. Many of these people have had too much to drink, and they won’t hesitate to invade your personal space with forceful touching or shoving. They might even try to pick a fight with you or make threatening remarks. Under Nevada statute, assault can entail both physical and attempted battery, as well as intentionally striking fear into another person, making them believe that they will be physically harmed. You could also face legal issues even if you’re a non-aggressor and defending yourself in an unsafe situation. Luckily, Nevada has strong self-defense laws that protect non-aggressive individuals from legal ramifications in the name of self-defense. Whether you’re at a bar or a party, if you get threatened or pushed around by some ghoul this Halloween, contact us to ensure that they are held responsible for their actions!

Drug offenses are taken very seriously by Nevada law enforcement. Say somebody at a party offers you an illicit drug and you accept it. Things can get very spooky for you this October if you’re found to be in the possession of illegal substances, such as cocaine, crack, heroin, or ecstasy. Even marijuana possession charges can occur if you have more than one ounce on your person. You may need aggressive legal defense and representation for drug related cases. We at Joey Gilbert Law can promise you that we’ll fight hard for your defense!