Caught in the Dragnet

Let’s talk about DUI and what it means for everyone – for law enforcement, for defendants, and for the public at large.

First, there are absolutely legitimate DUI convictions. This is not something that states and prosecuting attorneys pursue just to be a buzz-kill. Fatality statistics and other realities drive this kind of enforcement.

With that said, they also heighten the context in which enforcement takes place. In other words, someone can suffer greatly from someone else’s very irresponsible actions, as they get caught up in a dragnet that’s meant to keep people safe, but suffers from some serious structural and technical problems.

Issues with DUI

Although experienced DUI attorneys know that there are these many cases of legitimate DUI enforcement, we also know that the average docket can be plagued with cases that have structural problems, such as issues with legal search and seizure, inaccuracies in field sobriety testing, the legality of checkpoints and much more. There’s also the issue of excessive prosecution, where prosecutors can err on the side of punitive action and impact someone’s lifestyle in a very negative way.

Another way to say this is that people who could be easily rehabilitated, who could go back to their jobs and families with lessons learned, end up losing all of what keeps them centered and productive, because of lack of transportation or other hardships and can never, in a key sense, go back to normal, where going back to normal would have had a net positive impact on the community.

Part of the issue is the wide range of prosecuting results that occur in DUI. You can see this when you turn on the news – anything from a slap on the wrist to years in prison is not out of the ordinary for a given kind of DUI case. Sometimes the prosecutions seem arbitrary – and we can explain how that works in consultation.

The Fight in Your Lawyer

With that in mind, when you are facing any kind of DUI charge, you want a lawyer who is ready to fight for you. How about someone with actual experience in the boxing ring?

It may seem kind of amusing, a boxer becoming a lawyer, but in the end, it’s this fighting spirit that’s so valuable for a good lawyer/client relationship. People want to know that the person who is representing them has their interests in mind, and will stop at nothing to advance those under the law. That’s what you have a right to, and that’s what you need when you’re in this kind of situation! Call Joey Gilbert Law for a lawyer who fights for you!