A Few Things to Know About a First Time DUI

Many people who are facing a DUI charge for the first time are feeling anxious and unsettled. They may not know a lot about how these charges work. In these sorts of situations, you need a seasoned professional on your side. Having good quality representation protects you from being the target of excessive prosecution, and helps you to know that your voice is being heard in court, and you are exercising the rights that you have under the law.

Here are some of the basics to stay aware of when you’re facing a DUI criminal charge.

Common Defenses for First Time DUI

A range of common legal defense techniques can really help those who are charged with DUI to avoid unfair and excessive prosecution that can harm their financial future and lifestyle.

One of these is questioning the properness and compliance with protocol of search operations conducted by police. Whether it’s at a checkpoint or a routine traffic stop, the context of the DUI charge is extremely important.

A good DUI defense lawyer can look at the entire situation, and do the right discovery to utilize the right facts in a DUI case. Presenting aspects of the initial search in the defense can be helpful to the defendant and it can mean the difference between a more minor punishment from a court, or a more extensive one.

Another common defense involves assessment of field sobriety techniques. As not every motorist knows, there are all sorts of inaccuracies, inconsistencies and potential problems with the accuracy of breath, blood and urine tests. Police can be aggressive in administering these, but they don’t always go by the book or do field sobriety checks consistently, which leads to another different strategy for DUI defendants. For example, what if a driver has disabilities that may present results similar to intoxication?

Working Out a Legal Solution

If a DUI was done correctly, the defendant will face some significant prosecution. However, the defense attorney can still help significantly in decreasing penalties, and even keeping a defendant out of jail, which represents a pretty aggressive prosecution and punishment that can really have a profoundly negative impact on someone’s life.

Evaluating plea bargains and other potential resolutions is also part of what these professional DUI lawyers do for clients.

A Fighter on Your Side

Joey Gilbert came up through the ranks, knocking opponents out in the ring. Although it seems pretty different from doing legal work, many of the skills and experiences that Joey Gilbert has learned serve him well in the courtroom. Attorneys fight for their clients – at least that’s what they’re supposed to do. Talk to Joey Gilbert Law about the situations you’re facing and get someone who’s prepared to advocate on your behalf!