A Cautionary Crawl – Don’t Drink and Drive

Reno is known for it’s expansive selection of festive bar crawls. Every month, there is a different theme—Leprechauns, Santa, Harry Potter, Onesies—the list goes on! At the crawls, everyone goes out in their best themed get-ups and travels from bar to bar around Reno, where the different bars offer excellent specials on cocktails and craft beers. No last call, a $10 cup that gives you drink specials everywhere, and the opportunity to dress up and go wild–what could be better? All of this is found at the king of crawls, the spookiest night of them all, the Zombie Crawl.

The Zombie Crawl is in its 12th year and the excitement only gets bigger. The Reno Zombie Crawl has been recognized as one of the best and biggest in the world. As the night drags on, with people stumbling through the streets, you begin to think you may have ended up in a zombie apocalypse.

The crawls are all fun and games until, like all things, they aren’t. While inhibitions may take a break, the law does not. There is still the very real risk of receiving a DUI if you attend the event and then drive home drunk.

During and after pub-crawls, police presence is heightened in order to keep everyone safe.  This means that if you try to drive while under the influence, you WILL be caught.  A variety of arrests occur during these events and one type is always present: DUIs.

The same rules apply for the crawl as they would for any event when you go out. Make sure to stay safe and either walk to the event, arrange a ride from ahead with a friend or family member, or order a Lyft/Uber/taxi to come to pick you up. Crawl Reno is gracious enough to even provide a $50 Lyft ride credit when you purchase a map. Designated drivers can request a special wristband at your first stop that gets them free sodas at every stop so that they can be a part of the fun without being reckless.

Crawl Reno provides it’s own set of rules for excited event-goers, but it’s important to make sure to provide your self with your own set of rules as well: DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE. AVOID A DUI. If something does happen, always know that you can have the team at Joey Gilbert Law in your corner fighting for you.